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Celebrate The Small Things


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So this is my first “Celebrate The Small Things” post. I discovered this Blog Hop thanks to J.A. Ward and thought it’d be fun to participate. Special thanks to Viklit who came up with this idea, wherein we’re supposed to post our celebrations for the week each Friday.

As we go about our daily lives, how often do we really take the time out to be thankful for the small things, instead of being hung up on the things we don’t have? I don’t know about the rest of you but I, for one, could definitely use the reminder.

So for this week …

  1. I’m celebrating my 5186 words. It isn’t much much, I know, but at least I managed to figure out–finally!– how to connect a tricky scene to the next one so yay for the small things!

  2. I have the next four days off–to sleep, to write, to be a total couch potato, whatever I want! Really need the break so not even thinking about the “need to do’s,” just some much needed rest. \o/

What are you celebrating this week?

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21 thoughts on “Celebrate The Small Things

  1. Anything written forward is a celebration in my book. And having time off is an added bonus. Good Luck!

  2. So glad you joined in! And yes, those words in a week are a great success! Little by little until you get to the end, so keep it up. And I love breaks…could use one right about now haha 🙂

    • Thanks! Happy to be a part of the hop. Glad I came across your post and discovered it. And yes, this novel is really giving “little by little” new meaning to me. Progress is slow but at least I’m making some. LOL.

  3. Congrats on getting words written, it’s worth celebrating! And welcome to celebrating 🙂

  4. that word count is nothing to sneeze at! great celebrations! and time for more is bonus!

    have a lovely weekend!

  5. Welcome to the ‘hop. I hope you’re enjoying your downtime.

  6. That’s a great word count!!! Enjoy the celebration and the rest. 🙂 And welcome to celebrating!

  7. Four days to do whatever you want! That’s a big celebration in my book! Nice to see you in the hop 🙂

  8. Congratulations on getting the words down. Enjoy your down time.

  9. Great post and great idea. Sometimes in today’s fast paced lives, it’s easy to forget to enjoy our small accomplishments whilst striving for the big ones! 😀 Congrats on getting down so many words and enjoy your 4 days to do as you like 🙂

    • Thanks! I definitely obsess about the bigger picture too much and forget the small things. Probably shouldn’t make it sound like I’m proud of it haha. Anyways, I see you’ve also been getting some writing done. Yay for both of us! =D

  10. Get it written. I like that. 🙂 Good to meet you.

  11. I’m celebrating that I had the courage to trudge through drifts of snow in the dark to wipe clean the snowy satellite Internet . This is a big deal for me. My husband teases me about the “scary monsters” in our yard when he’s away at work and I’m alone on the ranch for five days. I was so eager to get online tonight that I overcame the fear of wolves lurking in pine trees. It was a little thing, but every victory scores fireworks.

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