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Celebrate The Getaway (CTST Post)


Summer came a bit early, as I went on a quick get-away to Boracay, Philippines, escaping the gloom of Hong Kong.

I’ve had it on my “Places-to-Go” list for a while now, as I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from people who’s been there before, and with the exception of some algae covering certain parts of the shore (apparently this isn’t exactly the best time to visit), it was everything it promised to be.


I’ll work on a proper post with photos for next week, but for now, I’m going to focus on my celebrations:

  1. Cheap tour packages.

  2. Simple pleasure of looking up at the night sky and watching the stars. Orion was the only constellation I was familiar with, but the clear night sky is definitely a sight for sore eyes! Hong Kong is a smog-filled city, which means a few stars here and there is all the treat I get, even on a good night.

  3. I survived my first-ever parasailing experience, and actually thought it was fun–well except for that brief moment as I was going up where I had this morbid idea that I’d just fly away, never to be found again. But, all’s well that ends well, and I get to tick off something off my bucket list. =)


What are you celebrating this week? What’s your ideal getaway vacation? Have you been parasailing before? How was it for you?


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Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly blog hop, wherein we post our celebrations each Friday, no matter how big or small. You can sign up here. Thanks to our host Lexa Cain and her co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Katie @ TheCyborgMom for continuing what VikLit started!


10 thoughts on “Celebrate The Getaway (CTST Post)

  1. Oh my, Caffee!! Just when I thought celebrating a slow flowering tree was the best – I visit here – Wham! I wanna be there – algae and all (smile). Need I say, enjoy your get away?!! Yes. Enjoy it.

  2. I’d love to go parasailing!! Sounds exciting! Have a good weekend.

  3. What a glorious picture! I bet the sun and the fresh air were as glorious as the starry nights. (You’d never catch my cowardly self para-sailing though! lol) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  4. Parasailing sounds like fun! I’d love to try it. What a lovely break in the fresh air. I’ve always liked star gazing. Have a great weekend!

  5. Have a great vacation.

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