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Time Out (IWSG)


It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for our group posting for IWSG. Insecure Writer’s Support Group is the brainchild of Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh, and his co-hosts for August are Nancy Gideon, Bob R Milne, Doreen McGettigan, Chrys Fey, Bish Denham, and Pat Garcia! Thanks for all your hard work!

Taking time off from blogging is rough. You come back and then you wonder, what do you write about, and would anyone even care? I suppose that is one of my major fears and insecurities… what do I have to say and does anyone care? Maybe it’s an insecurity shared by every writer, or maybe I’m caught in a purgatory that is all my own…

I realized my brand of writing was 70% staring/procrastinating and 30% writing, which means I’m not very productive, even when it comes to something as simple as writing a blog post. And that’s what mostly accounted for my being MIA. I had some things come up, and well, blogging just became the thing that had to go, at least for a while. I’m still doing rewrites on my WIP, “Lost,” though, so I haven’t totally been unproductive writing-wise. And as I continue chugging along there while riding the crazy waves of that thing called real life, I’ve decided to continue my blogging break for a month or so. But of course, I just can’t make this post and NOT share some music. See you in Sept!


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Celebrate The Small Things

vik - small things 2

Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly blog hop, wherein we post our celebrations each Friday, no matter how big or small. You can sign up here. Thanks to our host Lexa Cain and her co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Katie @ TheCyborgMom for continuing what VikLit started!


This week, I’m celebrating:

  1. Getting help where you least expected it. I’ve been distracted of late due to some troubling news. I ended up sharing it with a colleague of mine (not something I normally do), and to my surprise, got some pretty useful advice from her. Whether or not they would work, I don’t know, but I suppose I’m celebrating more the fact that she actually took the time to give the matter some thought when I only mentioned it in passing.

  2. My mom’s cataract surgery went well.

  3. The weekend! It feels like it’s been a long, slog of a week and I’m so ready for the break.


What are you celebrating this week? Have you had someone go above and beyond what you expected of them? Anything you got planned this weekend? Hope you all have a good one!



Celebrating Today

vik - small things 2

Join us every Friday as we Celebrate The Small Things, thanks to our host VikLit and my fellow co-hosts Diana Wilder, LG Keltner@Writing Off the Edge, and Katie@TheCyborg Mom!

So what am I celebrating this week?

First off, I’m sick again, so that really isn’t something to celebrate about.

Second, editing is going verrrrrry slow.

Thirdly, my sleep pattern is whacked … which means a lot of reading (so that is kind of good, I suppose).

But today was a good day, and not in the kind of something big happened that made it really good. It was just … good, in a lot of small ways. And crazy busy as it was, it’s the kind of day that leaves you feeling more energized than tired; when even being sick takes a backseat to the general feeling of the day. So even if it hasn’t been a good week, it has been a good day–and that is good enough for me.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today – David Nicholls (One Day)

Do you appreciate each day as they come? What are you celebrating this week, or for that matter, today?


P.S. I just learned that the A-Z team is hosting a Sunflower Tribute for Tina Downey on Sept 8. Tina passed away on August 23 and she loved sunflowers. Please help spread the word and let’s brighten the internet on Sept 8 with sunflowers, in memory of Tina!


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Celebrate The Small Things … With Cake

Just saw The Amazing Spiderman 2. I have some issues with it but over-all I enjoyed the movie. Peter and Gwen (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) have such an amazing chemistry and I just fell in love with “their” song from the movie, Song for Zula by Phosphorescent.


vik - small things 2

And since it’s Friday, it’s time again to post our celebrations as Celebrate The Small Things, thanks to our awesome host VikLit.

My Celebrations for this week:

  1. Won Camp NaNoWriMo and hit my goal of finishing the first draft.

  2. My birthday! My friends threw me a surprise birthday dinner and it was really great.

How was your week? Seen any good movies lately?


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The End Is Near … Celebrate!

The end of April, that is, and by extension, Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m now at the 40K mark. I have less than 10k words to go, with five days left to do it. I need to get some writing done if I’m going to make it. We’re getting down to the wire!

And to all the writers (and even non-writers) out there, don’t you just feel that this song resonates a little too much with you?

Yes? No? Just me then? *hides


I was supposed to do this last week but was in holiday mode that I totally forgot (I’m such a flake lol). Winterbayne has been lovely enough to compile a list of Camp participants here and regardless of how everyone’s word count stands at the moment, I’m sure we all have something to be proud of.

vik - small things 2

Now on to my Celebrations:

  1. Progress of my Camp NaNo novel. There’s some pretty bad writing and skipping whole scenes going on but if I can crunch it to the finish line, I think I can actually finish the first draft, which for me would be an absolute win because we all know how long it takes for me to finish first drafts.

  2. Got a piece of writing (non-Camp related) done. One down, one more to go. Wish me luck!

  3. The weekend of course! I’ve been feeling under the weather these last few days so looking forward to the time off.

Celebrate The Small Things is a blog hop hosted by VikLit wherein we post our celebrations, big and small, each Friday.

What are you celebrating? And as the month comes to a close, how are you doing with your goals?

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A “Good Friday” to Celebrate the Small Things

vik - small things 2

It’s Friday, which means Celebrate The Small Things with our awesome host, VikLit.

My celebrations:

  1. It’s Easter holidays, which means a long weekend (yay!)

  2. It’s also a time of gratitude as we remember what Easter is all about–sacrifice, a new beginning and God’s love for us (I know I don’t think of this often enough!)

  3. I’m now at 25,207 words for Camp NaNoWriMo. Still behind but finally broke my halfway goal.  I may post a snippet of my WIP after April (we’ll see how confident I feel!) but for now, I’m sharing my WIP’s theme song, Ships In The Night.

How’s Easter going for you and what are you celebrating this week? I’ll be hopping around the other blogs after Easter. I hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays.

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D is for Don’t Stop Believin’ and Celebratin’

vik - small things 2

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I love to do the more than occasional song share. Although I’m not doing A-Z , I thought it’d be fun to pick a song that starts with the letter D today and encourage everyone.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe that even if things aren’t working out; sooner or later, one way or another, they will always sort themselves out.

So whatever you do, don’t stop believin’ …

What do I believe and celebrate this week?

My 3700 words written for Camp NaNoWriMo. Yes, I’m still behind on my Camp goals but I believe I will make it.  I have made a bit of progress as my stats page now says I will be finished by May 25, instead of the July 3 of two days ago. And if I don’t make it to 50k, that’s OK too. I would still have more words than I started with and as long as I continue writing, I will get there eventually (see what I just did there? LOL)

I confess I was a Gleek in the earlier seasons of the show (please don’t judge me) and always found this version more uplifting, so I’m sharing Glee‘s pilot episode version instead. For those who prefer the original, I’ve included an awesome live version by Journey.

Come and celebrate with us in Celebrate The Small Things. Huge thanks VikLit for hosting!

What are you celebrating this week? Have you ever despaired of seeing your dreams come true? How did you deal with it? What are you doing to work towards achieving that dream?

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Celebrating the 80’s

vik - small things 2

Time for another post in the Celebrate The Small Things Hop with our awesome host VikLit. Do visit her blog here to learn more about this Blog Hop and celebrate with us!

This week I’m celebrating:

4262 words in my WIP. Yes, I procrastinated–a lot! But I’m really getting down to the wire here. I just need to figure out how to tie up those loose ends…

And if you can’t figure things out or you’d rather put off doing things you should be doing, there’s always something on cable to catch your eye, which brings me to the 80’s, and a movie called 16 Candles.

I’ve never seen the movie before and although I found some parts to be a bit cheesy, I also thought it was cute and just the kind of teen movie that only the 80’s could pull off.

Big hair aside, the 80’s had some great music. New wave, anyone? And those classic John Hughes movies. Pretty in Pink has got to be my favorite and when they started playing If You Leave by OMD during the prom, best song intro ever! Okay, maybe not ever

What do you think of the 80’s? Do you have a favorite movie or song from this era? Do you find yourself nostalgic of the 80’s and these type of movies? What are you celebrating this week?

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Always Look On The Bright Side and Celebrate

vik - small things 2

Ever have those times when nothing just seems to be going your way? How do you deal with it and bring back that bounce in your step?

I, for one, am glad this week is over. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but hey, it’s the weekend and that’s definitely something to celebrate about. Besides finally fixing nasty, annoying plot holes in my WIP that has been plaguing me for ages!

What are you celebrating this week? Pop in on our host Viklit‘s blog to join in and remember to always look on the bright side of life!

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Celebrate The Small Things … With An Award!

vik - small things 2

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Celebrate The Small Things! Hop on over to our host Viklit‘s blog for more info and join in the celebrations!

First off, it’s been a crazy (and not in a very good way) last couple of weeks. I missed posting Celebrations last week (I know, I suck) and to further prove my point, it seems I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by TCC Edwards some days ago and completely missed it. Yeah, I double suck. LOL

I’m supposed to answer some questions and think up new ones for my nominees, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, so I’ve decided to take the next few days to come up with my questions for the award before making the post.

So for my celebrations this week:

  1. Getting nominated for my first ever blog award.

  2. Brunch with old friends.

  3. Got to hear Lea Salonga, who is the singing voice behind Princess Jasmine of Aladdin, perform live. Such an amazing singer! She also played Eponine in the 10th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables.

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