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Celebrate The Simple Things

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Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly blog hop, wherein we post our celebrations each Friday, no matter how big or small. You can sign up here. Thanks to our host Lexa Cain and her co-hosts L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Katie @ TheCyborgMom for continuing what VikLit started!

Some days, all you have to do is look up to find something unexpectedly wonderful. Saw this on my way home today.

June 19 2015-moon, venus, jupiter

The photo does not do the actual sight justice (sorry!) but if you care to look up at the western sky in the early hours after sunset, you’ll see this wonderful phenomena of the crescent moon just below Jupiter and Venus. More information here, and according to this, Jupiter and Venus are converging on June 30, so that should be something to watch out for as well!

I’m also celebrating getting 10 days off next month to visit family. My brother will be visiting as well, so it’ll be the first time in years everyone will be together.

Revisions have been going slow, but it’s steady progress, and I’m still confident I can reach my target for June, as long as my muse and MS prove cooperative.

What are you celebrating this week? Are you fascinated by the night sky and do you intend to watch out for the June 30 convergence? Any plans for the summer holidays?