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June Roundup – Celebrating The Small Things


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Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly blog hop wherein we post our celebrations each Friday, big and small. Thanks to our host VikLit for this wonderful meme and my fellow co-hosts Diana Wilder, LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge, and Katie @ TheCyborg Mom for their hard work.


This week I’m celebrating:

  1. A long weekend. The end of the month tends to be more hectic at work so I’m glad to have this out of the way and just be able to relax before the new month kicks in again.

  2. Got my tickets booked. Will be visiting with family for my mom’s birthday in a couple of weeks. \o/

  3. Finished my Behavioral Genetics class in Coursera.

  4. Got 5’s on my essay on Bram Stoker’s Dracula for my Sci Fi class. Six is the highest and so far I’ve been averaging 4’s so I’m quite happy with this.


My June progress:

  1. Finished two MOOC’s. Currently on track for three out of my seven courses.

  2. Sadly, no new writing done although I have been doing bits of research for on-going and future projects. I’m also in the midst of edits with the help of my awesome Womentoring mentor Janette Currie.

  3. Managed to blog once a week:Ā  IWSG post, My Writing Process Blog Tour, Celebrate The Small Things, and a Short Story. I apologize if I haven’t been visiting and commenting as much as I used to. I still read and if you’re on wordpress, click the like button to let you know I appreciate the post.


Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? How has your progress been so far? Anything you’re looking forward to in particular? What are you celebrating this week?


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24 thoughts on “June Roundup – Celebrating The Small Things

  1. Finishing the things in our list make us happy. Good job on finishing yours.
    This week I am celebrating 100 followers of my blog (didn’t expect any for my blog; thank you guys.); writing more poems; posting new writing exercises; reading and reviewing more books; having more ideas for my novels.
    I am looking forward to rewrite my poetry book and post in on Amazon… and also to finish editing my YA Fantasy Novel “The Forbidden Garden”

  2. Congrats on your Dracula essay! I took a SciFi class once and really enjoyed it. Hope you have a great time with your family. Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Yay to getting those tickets. Now, you can lean back and just enjoy looking forward to the trip. Congratulations on your essay!

  4. It’s stressful to keep up with all the blogging tasks.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  5. For some reason this week has felt long — so I’m just celebrating the fact that I made it through!

  6. Research counts just as much as writing. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) Congrats on all your accomplishments, the “5”, and getting the tickets booked. Have a good weekend! šŸ™‚

  7. I’m counting reading as progress toward some goal as yet undefined. But I’m sure I’ll figure out what it is soon. At least you’ve set out some nice things to accomplish and from those grades, it looks like you’ve done very well. Congrats on that.

    • Great thinking on the undefined goal. I think it’s hard to keep that in mind when we don’t see tangible results so thanks for sharing that. Let me know once you figure it out. šŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  8. It’s amazing that it’s July already! I hope you enjoyed your weekend…just playing catchup now! Behavioral genetics sounds really interesting btw…I find that stuff really interesting.

  9. It’s great that you completed so many tasks; you should be proud. šŸ™‚ I hope you have a great time at Mom’s for her birthday. Enjoy your 4th of July and stay safe. ((Hugs)) Eva

  10. OMG I almost forgot – thank you for being a wonderful co-host, as always! šŸ˜€

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